Children’s Services PRIDE Pre-Service Caregiver Training (Replacing Orientation for Caregiver Training (OCT) January 2022

PRIDE Pre-Service launches throughout the Province on January 10, 2022 replacing previous Orientation for Caregiver training (OCT). PRIDE Pre-Service is required for all foster care and adoptive applicants. It is an option for Kinship caregivers. All registrations are processed through the Provincial Caregiver Training Team (PCTT).

PRIDE Pre-Service uses an online delivery model, which is navigated by the applicant at their convenience (asynchronous). The ‘hosts’ or trainers of PRIDE are video recorded and provide narration and direction throughout the training. The training includes resources, videos, interactive and reflective activities and a workbook for participants.

Please review the available resources to support the ongoing recruitment and orientation of caregivers:

· PRIDE Registration Process

· PRIDE Introduction Flyer for potential applicant(s)

· PRIDE Orientation Preservice Training Presentation

· Content Summaries for the 10 Sessions of PRIDE Pre-Service

· A 30 minute video which provides an overview of PRIDE Pre-Service Content

· A video introduction to navigating and using PRIDE Pre-Service

· A PRIDE Pre-Service User Guide for participants

· Info sheet about Participant Expectations for Online Virtual Training (for Learning Check-ins)

· Info sheet about Preparations a participant would need to make for Online Virtual Training (for Learning Check-ins)

· PRIDE Pre-Service Implementation FAQs

If you have further questions or would like to register an applicant, please contact the Provincial Caregiver Training Team (PCTT) at

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