Generosity In Canada Survey (Sector3Insights)

The Generosity in Canada Survey explores why generosity is declining. Real or perceived economic pressures are one of the reasons that Canadians are being less generous. Older adults are also more generous and their generosity is not being replaced by the next generation. 

This report on Generosity surveyed 1,000+ Canadians on their generous acts. They looked at the ways in which Canadians are generous, how their generosity differs by the recipient, how much they donate and volunteer, what drives their giving, volunteering, and being generous, the importance of the social norm, the “Giver’s High”, the charity tax credit and so much more.

What are the 3 major takeaways?

  1. Canadians are generous in more ways than just their finances
  2. Canadian giving is declining for economic reasons and sociological shifts. This is mostly about the donor and not about deficiencies with charities.
  3. Generosity is impacted by values, up-brining, and appreciating the social giving norm. Unfortunately, younger Canadians have a weaker social norm which implies concern for the future.

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