ALIGN WCB Series 2024 Follow-Up: Related Resources & Presentation Materials

For those of you who were able to attend the ALIGN WCB Info series sessions and those of you unable to attend, we would like to follow up with links to some  related resources as well as presentation materials that your agencies should find of value. Thanks to all of you who participated! 

On February 14, 2024 ALIGN offered a virtual session Intro to WCB, presented by Industry Specialists Erin Eden and Alastair Hopwood from the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) where participants gathered to learn more about what and when to report and the importance of early report, how claims are accepted, how the WCB can support employers with claims and how to support your workers, modified work scenario, My WCB and intro to pricing.
The following are links to some WCB related resources
How claims impact your premiums fact sheet
WCB Seminars for Employers
Occupational Injury Services fact sheet and link to sign up
Modified Work Agreement
Appealing customer service decisions
Duty to Cooperate Worker
Duty to Cooperate Employer
Cost Relief Policy 05-02, Part I 
Cost Relief Policy 05-02, Part II
Poor Performance Surcharge

MyWCB Employer Mobile App, Employer Portal

List of potential modified duties specific to sector:

  • Review of and could assist with development of safe work practices and procedures.
  • Participating as part of the Joint health and safety committee- inspections
  • Review of and assist with development, modification of hazard assessments
  • Administrative Duties
  • Answering Phones
  • Case Conferencing
  • Changing Clients
  • Client intake
  • Cooking
  • Coordinate referrals
  • Data Entry
  • Filing
  • Inventory
  • Light Cleaning
  • Modified Hours
  • Scheduling
  • Supervision
  • Training or mentoring (by them, or for them, depending on experience)
  • Working With Assistance
  • Writing reports

On February 29, 2024 ALIGN offered a virtual session Psychological Health in the Workplace presented by WCB’s Amanda Wyatt, Psychological Injury Coach. Supported by Alastair Hopwood, WCB Industry Specialist where we gathered to learn more about modified work programs- bring workers back to the workplace, sector-specific scenarios, advise and suggestions for modified work and primary and secondary claims.
Related Documents
Session Slide Hand-Out
Psychological Injuries: Supporting a Worker’s Safe and Timely Return to Work

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