Farewell and Future Endeavors to ALIGN E.D. Rhonda Barraclough


Farewell and Future Endeavors.

On behalf of the ALIGN Board of Directors, I announce Rhonda Barraclough’s retirement as Executive Director, effective June 30, 2024.

Rhonda has worked in the child welfare field for 36 years as a front-line Child and Youth Care worker and a Child Intervention worker, supervisor and regional manager in the Ministry of Social Services and Ministry for Children and Families in British Columbia, in the Ministry of Children’s Services in Alberta and for the last 17 years, she has been the Executive Director of ALIGN.

ALIGN’s overall growth and strength has been influenced by Rhonda’s compassion, experience, and persistence. ALIGN represents 101 agencies who provide services to children and families in the areas of mental health, therapeutic and assessment services, neurodiversity, developmental needs, trauma and loss, addictions, high-risk and at-risk youth, group care, foster care and FSCD. She has extensive experience working with Indigenous People and was highly instrumental in the development of the Indigenous Cultural Understanding Framework (ICUF). She has always been an advocate and ally for the most vulnerable in our province.

The Board and I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to Rhonda for her dedication, passion, and commitment to ALIGN and its members over the last 17 years. We congratulate her on an accomplished career, a well-deserved retirement, and her legacy in the human services world.

The team she has created is strong and focused on the success of agencies, children, and families in Alberta. They will carry ALIGN through the transition in leadership. The Board has a succession committee in place and will be in search of Rhonda’s successor in the coming months.

Robecca Chahine Board President

Rhonda Barraclough Executive Director



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