ALIGN Annual Report 2015

I am sure you have noticed it has been a busy year. Very busy! Fortunately, it has been
a good busy. Good because it reflects all the work we are doing, how we are engaged,
and how we are contributing to our sector in so many ways, training, planning, and
developing new approaches.

A major undertaking this year has been our rebranding as ALIGN Association of
Community Services. This is a brand which reflects our strength, Together for Children
and Families. We are aligned with each other and those who share our goals the
sustainable delivery of services to vulnerable children and families in Alberta. Our logo
expresses these theme further, star trails in circular alignment, diversity, and the ripple
effect of our work.

Thanks to our staff, partners, and our members for your contribution this past year, and
in the year to come.

Jim Pritchard
ALIGN Association of Community Services

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