Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Policy manual Reformatted and Relocated June 2024


Disability Services is excited to announce that the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) policy manual has been reformatted and relocated to a new website today, June 26, 2024. Please note that the content or meaning of the FSCD policies have not changed. A PDF document outlining internal operational procedures will continue to be viewable by families and the general public.

Similar to the PDD manual that was launched in January 2024, the new website and formatting of the policy manual modernizes it to promote a more user-friendly experience for the public and for program staff. Changes include structural, stylistic and copy edits such as improving order and flow of information, adding links, reducing redundancies and aligning with the Government of Alberta web standards and corporate branding. The website has improved navigation and accessibility including enhanced translation and screen reader capabilities and adheres to current web accessibility standards.

Key features of the website include: 

  • new printing and sharing capabilities
  • an improved search function making finding information easier
  • a quick reference tool that allows users to pin and share information accessed frequently
  • aligns with the current standards of website accessibility  
  • enhanced translation and screen reader capabilities 
  • supported on all devices including mobile and desktop 

Following the release of the policy manual on the website, improvements and updates will be made as required.



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