Kinship Care Redesign in Alberta: ALIGN Agency Response (Includes Kinship Sector Resources) 2019

Kinship Care Redesign in Alberta: ALIGN Agency Response (Revised June 3 2019)
The purpose of this report is to provide input regarding the Kinship Care Redesign currently being developed by the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Children’s Services. ALIGN Association of Community Services is a membership association of agencies providing services to children and families in Alberta. ALIGN has represented child welfare and family service providers in Alberta for over 50 years. Member agencies provide a wide range of financial, emotional and practical supports to kinship caregivers, children, youth and families.

What does the research say about Kinship Care? What are other jurisdictions doing?
In addition, examples from the research literature regarding kinship care outcomes – and examples of kinship care models in other jurisdictions – were gathered to provide context and to further support the ALIGN response to kinship care redesign in Alberta.

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Alberta Human Services Child Intervention Practice Framework (CIPF)
Child Intervention Review Panel (2018 all related documents)
The Well-Being and Resiliency Framework (Indigenous) Well-Being and Resiliency Framework,kâ-nâkatohkêhk miyo-ohpikinawâwasowin (miyo Resource) & Evaluation Framework 2019

Kinship Resources Become a kinship caregiver– Children can receive temporary placement with extended family such as a grandparent, or someone with whom they’re significantly connected.
Kinship Care Handbook
Kinship Orientation Facilitator’s Guide
Kinship Orientation Welcome to Day One
Kinship Orientation Welcome to Day Two

Alberta Foster and Kinship Association is a non profit, charitable organization, which provides support to foster and kinship families, advocates for the rights of children, provides and arranges for training and social gatherings, educates the public about foster and kinship care, and serves as a liaison between foster and kinship families and Alberta Children’s Services.

ACEF Engaging Kinship Caregivers: Managing Risk Factors in Kinship Care, a five-part video series from Annie E. Casey Foundation to strengthen child welfare professionals’ ability to support kin families.

Creating a Family Online Courses For Kinship, Foster and Adoptive Parents

Grandparents and Grandchildren – CPLEA

It’s All Relative: Supporting Kinship Care Video Series illustrates the complex dynamics of family relationships and caregiver support needs through real-life stories of kinship caregivers. The powerful stories demonstrate the important role that kinship caregivers play in the lives of children across the country and how strengthening these diverse families can help achieve positive outcomes for children.

Mincher Koeman -Kinship/Calgary Family Lawyers Assisting with Indigenous Kinship Guardianship Matters

Parent Books – For Families and Professionals in Children & Youth in Care/Child Welfare
Activities/Workbooks/Board Games
Attachment Resources for Families, Caregivers and Individuals
Attachment Resources for Professionals
Kinship Resources for Families and Professionals
Resources for Child Welfare, Foster Placement & Residential Care
Resources for Foster Care Families

Siksika Kinship Care In Siksika culture, extended family stretches far beyond just grandparents or uncles and aunts. A Siksika kinship caregiver can be any person who has had a significant relationship with the child and their family.Kinship care allows a Siksika child in care to stay with a person or family that they and their family already know and trust.

McMan Calgary -The Kinnections Kinship Program serves children and youth, 0 to 17 years old, who have been placed by in the care of a family member, family friend or a community member by Children Services. The program ensures the Kinship Caregiver has the resources and services needed to support the child or youth, while maintaining connection to their family, culture and community.

The EDFSA is open to all families in need who reside within Edmonton & Area. We most frequently assist biological and kinship care families. We also assist foster families, recent immigrants, and adoptive families. Supports are targeted at assisting any and all caregivers and any individuals in need. Caregivers can be foster parents, kinship care families, adoptive parents, grandparents, biological parents and anyone who parents.  We support them because good caregivers are built, not born

Child Welfare Information Gateway (2020)

How Can We Ensure That Separating Children From Their Families Is an Intervention of Last Resort?external link(opens in new window) Casey Family Programs (2020)
Discusses findings from a research study on child protection removal decisions that finds they are based on inconsistent standards and are often applied disproportionately, resulting in unnecessary trauma for children and families. The article argues for revisiting the standards for removal.

Kinship Guardianship as a Permanency Option Child Welfare Information Gateway (2019)

Placement of Children With Relatives Child Welfare Information Gateway (2018)

How Can We Ensure a Child’s First Placement Is With Family? Casey Family Programs (2018)Explains how child protection agencies have developed strategies to overcome barriers and secure stable placements with families.

It’s All Relative: Supporting Kinship Care Discussion Guides and Video Series Capacity Building Center for States


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