FRN Q & A Engagement Sessions and FRN Portal

FRN Engagement Sessions: FRN Engagement Sessions will be hosted by the EI/FRN Specialist team bi-weekly to address FRN specific areas of practice. These sessions are not mandatory; however, we do hope to cover many of the topics and areas of practice that have been identified by agencies. Sessions will be 45 minutes long, with the first 15 minutes information sharing from the Specialists, and the last half hour open to discussion with the group. The topic of each session will be shared in advance so you can determine if it is of interest to your organization. There is no expectation regarding who on staff should be in attendance – please send staff who would benefit most from the information being shared.

FRN Portal: The FRN Portal officially launched on July 23 and is now live for data entry. July data: To be entered in the Portal by August 31, 2020. As per the grant funding agreement, data is due on the 10th day of the following month in the FRN Portal. This will allow ministry staff the time to clean and validate the data so reports can be generated by the end of each month. For example; August data: To be entered by September 10 September data: To be entered by October 10, etc. Outstanding April to June data: Data from April, May and June is to be entered into the FRN Data Portal on or before September 15. After you submit the FRN Account Set-up Survey to establish FRN Portal and FRN Research Platform User Accounts, a proof of submission email will be sent to the primary contact’s email address that was identified in the survey. The email will come from Some email accounts may identify this email address as spam and send it to your junk folder or block it entirely if your IT system does not accept noreply email addresses. Upon submission of your survey, if you do not receive an email confirmation, please check the junk folder of the email account you identified as the account you wanted the confirmation email to be sent or check into your system settings.We recognize that with COVID-19, summer vacation, and the need to become more familiar with the FRN Portal, there have been some challenges in gathering data for the first three months of operation. If you anticipate difficulties with submitting the data by the due date, please reach out as soon as possible so we can find ways to assist you.