The Future of Childhood Trauma Research – What Matters To You? Better Together Survey To Determine Top 10 Priorities in Child Maltreatment Research

You and your colleagues likely have many unanswered questions about child abuse and neglect and understand where research can make a real difference to the health and well-being of people with similar experiences.  The top 10 questions will be shared with the public, researchers, and national policymakers to inform their priorities and strategies for funding research.

Better Together wants to hear from young people (aged 18-30 years) with a history of childhood trauma, and people (any age) who care for or work with children with a history of trauma.

The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey is open to 

  • young adults with lived experience of abuse and neglect in any form,
  • their parents, carers or family,
  • people with involvement in child maltreatment work, such as healthcare providers, psychologists, teachers, and social workers.

English Survey Link 
French Survey Link


Based out of Edmonton, we are a provincial collection of allies – a unified community of agencies that represents the diverse needs of Alberta’s children and families. We are proud to champion the work of our front line service providers and to support our members. Together, we are stronger.


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