The Executive Director Mentorship Program is Now Accepting Applications

Are you a first-time Executive Director?  ECVO has 10 mentors eager to help you settle into your role.

The Executive Director Mentorship Program is now accepting applications from the next generation of non-profit leaders looking to connect with their seasoned peers.

The series partners newer Executive Directors or CEOs with fewer than 3 years of experience in the role with established leaders with 7+ years of experience leading organizations. This is an opportunity for you to break down silos and exchange knowledge and skills with some of the city’s most notable non-profit leaders.

Mentors have committed to a minimum of three regular meetings with you, the mentee, though they encourage ongoing meetings and lasting connections within the non-profit community. The subject of the meetings and the goal of the mentorship are entirely up to the mentee!

Apply today for a spot at our matching event on Tuesday, August 27, 2019, where 10 mentees and 10 mentors will have a chance to connect in a speed-dating format, with each providing their preferences for ongoing mentorship.

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