Special Policy Release to ALIGN regarding Enhancement Policy Manual and Bill 22 Changes

Update March 5, 2019

Attached is a special policy release to align with Bill 22 changes.

The Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act Policy Manual describes the policy, purpose and procedure that guides our work with children, youth and families. On an ongoing basis we ensure that policy is aligned with current practice approaches and tools. We often get requests, recommendations and direction to update or create new policy from the field.  We are attempting to establish a clear and timely policy cycle to:

  • Ensure we are addressing the specific needs of service delivery in an organized and thoughtful manner
  • Build in adequate consultation and approval time and process
  • Support communication and understanding of policy changes

Ideally, regular policy releases and updates will occur two times a year; however, there are times when circumstances may require a more immediate policy release.  This is a special policy release to reflect the updates to the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act (CYFEA) from the new legislation (Bill 22) passed by the Alberta government. This will help support all of the good child intervention practice that is already underway.

Policy Revisions February 2019 Draft bill 22

If you could share this release with your colleagues for their information, that would be greatly appreciated. If you or your staff have any questions about the updates, please have them email the policy team at [email protected].

Emily (Sand) Beilman MA|Senior Manager, Policy and Practice Supports
Government of Alberta | Ministry of Children’s Services | Child Intervention Division

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Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act Policy Manual  Revised February 2019

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