Social Impacts of Calgary City Council Approved $60 million in Budget Cuts

ALIGN recognizes that these cuts will have impacts on agencies serving vulnerable Calgarians. We will keep you updated when additional information becomes available. The following are some areas where agencies and their clients might expect to see change.

Some Areas of Reductions will include

The city is reducing a program that provides incentives and grants for non-profit affordable houses by $188,000. That results in 52 fewer homes, or a 13 per cent reduction of homes, supported annually, according to the city

Social Program will see a 1.09% reduction

Specialized transit will see a 5.67% reduction and general transit users will see about 80,000 fewer service hours

$482,000 saved by delaying additional positions  with Indigenous relations office

A reduction in “citywide recreation opportunities,” with the elimination of some community programming and reduced operating and customer service hours for some locations and zero community recreation programming at some locations.

Service Reduction for Multicultural Communications & Engagement Strategy

Pro-rated reduction of operating grant to Vibrant Communities Calgary

Capacity for research, analysis and evaluation of community needs, programs and services will be reduced. Program support for the Youth Employment Centre will also be reduced.

Continue to improve accessibility measures (tactile pads, audible signals, pedestrian accommodation during construction) by implementing fewer locations than planned

Police services will see a 1.74% reduction. Calgary police said the force can absorb its $7 million budget cut without hurting front-line service but if there are Provincial  budget cuts this fall they will require additional funding.

A decreased level of preparedness for Calgary Emergency Management Agency staff.

Four fewer medical response units and one rescue unit on the fire department’s frontlines, which means reduced service for critical medical interventions and emergency responses citywide, and increased response times.

Operating grants for the Vecova Centre for Disability Services and Research will see pro rated reductions


See City of Calgary List of Proposed Reductions.pdf

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