Research History of Developmental Disability in Alberta July 2019

University of Calgary The School of Public Policy Publications SPP Research Paper Volume 12:20 July 2019 History of Developmental Disability in Alberta Nilima Sonpal-Valias

The Alberta government is in the midst of reviewing its Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program, which funds more than 12,000 adults and has a
budget totalling almost $1 billion. Despite numerous funding increases over the years, program beneficiaries, their families, advocates and service providers
feel the PDD program still has many challenges to overcome. The review and its aftermath offer a timely occasion for all these groups to offer their input and
make recommendations to help influence policy reform. The PDD program helps its beneficiaries to live at home, pursue employment opportunities, enjoy community access and receive specialized services from about 160 non-profit and for-profit community disability service providers. The program’s goal is to allow Albertans with developmental disabilities to live as independently and inclusively as possible in their communities…

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