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If you have a shortage of PPE’s please contact Nicole at [email protected] or 1.780.232.9199. On the other hand; please, if your agency has an abundance of any PPE’s they could share please let Nicole know. Each Agency must review their existing PPE inventory and continue to source PPE materials through local sources as best as possible.When your PPE supplies are running low, you can submit a Request to.. Read More

If you have been made aware of any overages please email us at: [email protected] . We will report the issues to the POC. If there are isolated cases, they will be dealt with on an individual basis. However, if the problem is wide spread a process will likely be put in place.

PPE Triage Process
Alberta.ca Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Request Form

Critical – You only have enough PPE to last 24 hrs
Urgent – You only have enough PPE to last 48 hrs.
Vital – You only have enough PPE to last 72 hrs.

FRN agencies will not be ordering PPE the same as CI
through Emergency Management. That said, there are a couple of resources
for these agencies to assist them with obtaining their PPE if they
cannot otherwise get it. For more information they can go to: Alberta BizConnect where they will find two links to organizations that can assist with PPE ordering
RRP Canadian PPE Supply Marketplace. & NEXUS.Family and Community Resiliency Divisions will not be providing funding for this, although agencies can use their supplies surplus.

Q And As’ Regarding The Orders For Personal Protective Equipment:

Q: Are orders automatically renewed or do we have to reapply again?
A: If your two-week order is entirely filled, then you will have to apply again once it starts running low. If the two-week order is not filled, then POC logistics will continue to track that until it is filled. SO THAT MEANS AGENCIES SHOULD BEGIN APPLYING NOW .

Q: What is the process for checking on the status of orders?
A: All requests for PPE are now going into the CRM system and the inventory is controlled by the Provincial Operations Centre (POC). POC is making every effort to disperse the stock from their warehouse and they are working diligently to satisfy all requests.If you have questions or queries about what has been delivered or is on the list for delivery, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and[email protected]  for clarity. This email address can be shared with external stakeholders .

Q: The question about overage issues ( SO THE ORDER NOT MATCHING WHAT WAS DELIVERED ) has not been answered yet – all areas have been advised to follow the following procedures until POC have developed a process.What is the process when a service provider receives PPE they have not ordered?
A: Some areas have reported receiving PPE which they had not requested and do not need.There is no current process in place for dealing with overages. The ExecutiveDirector of AEMA did reassure us that payment would not be required for items which had not been requested.Until POC is aware of the extent of the problem EMBCS (EMT) recommends the following actions:

  • Separate and do not use the overages.
  • Keep a copy of the original paper showing what you requested.
  • Keep a copy of the paperwork you received with your order highlighting any
  • deficiencies.

If you have been made aware of any overages please email us at: [email protected] . We will report the issues to the POC. If there are isolated cases, they will be dealt with on an individual basis. However, if the problem is wide spread a process will likely be put in place.

Hard-surface disinfectants and hand sanitizers (COVID-19): List of hand sanitizers authorized by Health Canada

Personal Protective Equipment and You (Module)
Donning Poster
Doffing Poster
Guide to Personal Protective Equipment (Narrated Slide Show)
Caregiver Guidance for Family Visits and the Use of PPEs
COVID-19 Poster -How-To-Wear-A-Non-Medical-Mask 11×17-Colour

CI PPE Infographic_Kinship and Foster Caregivers Use of PPE_COVID-19_05142020 v2.1
PPE Infographic for Service Providers Staff Safety PPE Checklist
Staff Safety Practice Guidance for CI

CI Staff Safety Guidance and Pandemic Hazard Assessment PPT
CS Generic CI Field Level Hazard Assessment
GOA Formal Hazard Assessment
CS Facilities CI Field Level Hazard Assessment
“Outbreak Management for Vulnerable Populations”

Guidelines for COVID-19 Outbreak Prevention, Control and Management in Congregate Living Sites

How to care for a COVID-19 patient at home
Congregate Care Residents
Licensed Supportive Living, Long-Term Care And Hospice Settings
Operational And Outbreak Standards
Residential Addiction Treatment Centres

PDF – Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol (PDD)
OHS Toolkit An interactive training video with accompanying templates – provides an introduction to OHS legislation and to policies and procedures your organization needs to implement to be compliant.
CCOHS Good Hygiene Practices – Reducing the Spread of Infections and Viruses
Hand Washing: Reducing the Risk of Common Infections
Guidelines for Continuous Mask and Eye Protection Use in Home Care and Congregate Living Settings

 AHS online assessment tool for health-care workers, enforcement and first responders .

  • Medical masks and respirators must be kept for health-care workers and others providing direct care to COVID-19 patients. Those who choose to wear a non-medical face mask should:
  • continue to follow all other public health guidance (staying two metres away from others, wash hands regularly, stay home when sick)
  • wash their hands immediately before putting it on and immediately after taking it off (in addition to practising good hand hygiene while wearing it)
  • ensure it fits well (non-gaping)
  • not share it with others
  • avoid touching the mask while wearing it
  • change masks as soon they get damp or soiledMasks for Caregivers

CMOH Order 08-2020 “Covid-19 Suspected, Probable and Confirmed COVID-19 Outbreak Standards” for all congregate care settings is particularly important and attached hereCMOH order 08-2020 : 2020 COVID-19 response. Appendix

“These standards set expectations for any site that has identified a resident or staff member who is reporting a suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak.

  1. A suspected COVID-19 outbreak is defined as:
  2. One resident or staff member who exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19
  3. A probable COVID-19 outbreak is defined as:
  4. Two or more individuals (staff or residents) who are linked with each other who exhibit any of the symptoms of COVID-19
  5. Individuals who are linked means they have a connection to each other (e.g. share a room, dine at the same table, received care from the same staff member, etc.)
  6. A confirmed COVID-19 outbreak is defined as any of the following:
  7. Any one individual confirmed to have COVID-19, including:
  8. Any resident who is confirmed to have COVID-19
  9. Any staff member who is confirmed to have COVID-19.”

AHS online assessment tool for health-care workers, enforcement and first responders .


Video Donning and Doffing Tyvek® Classic Xpert

CDC Video Donning PPE: Put on Outer Gloves

Here are some videos shared by Bruce Armson on proper use of masks. These should be presented and discussed with all staff in Group Living.

The Family Centre
Vehicle PPE Plan

World Health Organization
Rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public: When and how to use masks

Child Welfare League of Canada
Handout – Cleaning Your Car
Handout -Tips for Engaging Families When Wearing PPE
Recommendations for the Use of Personal Protective Equipment
OACAS – Recommendations for Transporting Someone with COVID-19

“Super Hero” Video Shared By Woods Homes 
Here is a child friendly “super hero” video shared by Woods Homes that about PPE for kids  It doesn’t show how to put on or take off PPE, more just explains what PPE is in a kid friendly way.


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