Participate! Calgary Domestic Violence Collective Provincial Collective Impact Initiative Data Collection Survey

Provincial Collective Impact Initiative Data Collection (PCII)
Thank you for supporting this project! We are doing a network mapping to get a clear idea ofhow networks are working together across the province. Based on this information, we will be constructing a survey which will be forwarded to your members to fill out, so we can get a better idea of networks provincially.

A little bit about the Provincial Collective Impact Initiative:
Sagesse is the backbone for the Calgary Domestic Violence Collective (CDVC). Based on that experience, the Government of Alberta has recently funded us to support the creation of a provincial collective impact initiative that will create space to address the systems and structures that support violence and create deep and sustainable social change across the province.

The PCII model will hope to achieve the vision of ending domestic violence in Alberta with a focus on the following areas:
 gather insight and knowledge
 leverage the resources, expertise and capacity of the collective membership
 influence systematic and structural changes to impact domestic violence across Alberta.

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