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We are pleased to present a video providing you with an overview of why CSSSI is an important, sector-specific initiative, the new resources the CSSSI will provide to the human services sector over the coming months, and how the resources will be offered through the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP). Watch the video here.

On behalf of ACDS, ALIGN, and the Government of Alberta ministries of Children’s Services and Community and Social Services, we are pleased to share with our members the resources available through the Community Services Staff Safety Initiative (CSSSI); an initiative to increase staff safety and reduce harassment and violence in community service workplaces in Alberta.
Available and soon-to-be available resources include:
   PDF Handbook including templates and samples: December 2020
   E-Learning course: February 2021
   Overview of leadership and employee responsibilities
   Live Webinar: December 2020 E-Learning; January 2021
   Information and support for all staff regarding mental health awareness.
   Live Webinar and E-Learning: March 2021
   Information on how leadership can support and promote psychological  
   Live Webinar and E-Learning: January 2021
   Live Webinar and E-Learning: January 2021
6. Staff Orientation Template
   Customizable E-Learning Course in MP4 format to orient new staff to your    
   agencies OHS Management System.
7. Info-graph Series
   On-going, relevant topics for the sector.
The resources listed above are all customized for the community services sector and will give front-line staff, supervisors and leadership the practical information, training and tools to support safe and healthy work environments. We encourage agencies to take advantage of these resources and share this information with your staff.
For more information about CSSSI or questions related to training, contact, Ray Gaetz (403-589-7349) at AASP.

AASP OHS Staff SAfety Initiative September 20, 2019

On behalf of ALIGN, ACDS, Children’s Services and Community and Social Services, we are pleased to tell you about the new Community Services Staff Safety Initiative (CSSSI), which is intended to increase safety and reduce harassment and violence in the workplace:

The Government of Alberta has contracted the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) to work with ALIGN and ACDS to design and deliver new resources for staff, to be implemented between now and 2021. The initiative will specifically support contracted agency
workers who provide children’s services and disability supports – by providing customized safety information, training and tools for staff, supervisors and employers.

Resources will include:

  • activities and materials to generate awareness within the community services sector about workplace violence and harassment;
  • tools, templates and best practices to enhance safety for staff; and
  • training to help Occupational Health & Safety committee members and representatives understand their role and responsibilities and broader training to support safe and healthy workplaces for all staff.

The AASP is a non-profit organization certified to help a wide variety of Alberta employers incorporate health and safety systems into their workplaces. Their expertise, combined with the knowledge of ACDS and ALIGN about the unique issues and challenges facing the community services sector, will support staff to identify, assess and respond to the hazards they face in their day-to-day work.

The health and safety of workers and clients is equally important. When workers are safe, they are better able to provide support to their clients. Violence and harassment should never be considered as just part of the job. The resources developed through this project will give frontline staff, supervisors and employers the practical information, training and strategies to support safe work environments for everyone in the workplace.

Thank you for your continued dedication to supporting Albertans. Please share this information with your staff. We will continue to keep you updated about this project as it rolls out. You can also check the AASP web page for project updates and opportunities to provide input.

Any questions about the initiative can be directed to Mr. Ray Gaetz, Chief Operations Officer, AASP ([email protected]) or Ms. Carol Ross, Chief Executive Officer, AASP ([email protected]).

CSSSI Steering Committee member organizations:
ACDS, ALIGN, Children’s Services, Community and Social Services

Correspondence from Marika Giesen | Executive Director, Service Delivery Improvement and Integration Dec. 12, 2018

Rhonda and Andrea, thanks for the good discussion on Monday re: moving forward, with the help of a Health & Safety Association, on the social services staff safety initiative. As mentioned, we’ve pulled together some high-level notes below to support your discussions/communications with your respective membership.  I hope this is helpful. If you have questions/comments, let me know.Watch for an update early in the new year.

Over the past several months, ALIGN and ACDS have been meeting with government representatives from Labour, Community and Social Services (CSS) and Children’s Services to discuss shared concerns and collaborative strategies related to the safety of staff in the social services sector

As a result of these discussions, government will be providing funding to secure the services of a Health and Safety Association (HSA) to develop a variety of resources focused specifically on improving safety for staff in our sector. We want to be clear that this is not about establishing a sector HSA that members pay into; rather, to use the expertise of an HSA to develop sector-specific resources for our association(s) and its members. These resources will focus on three key areas:

  • Awareness: through provincial and agency-level activities, staff at different levels will be aware of their respective roles and responsibilities regarding safety in the workplace;
  • Tools: creating a variety of common tools and templates (e.g., hazard assessments) that take into account the unique environment our social services staff  work in; and,
  • Training: creating a variety of training resources and identifying training opportunities for all staff that will support their ability to identify and respond to safety issues in the workplace.

We have been clear that whatever comes from this work, it cannot introduce additional costs for agencies and it must be informed by and developed in consultation with our sector members. We will have more to share in the New Year when the HSA is selected and begins its work, and we hope you will be willing to work with us as we create these important resources


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