ALIGN Political Toolkit & Engaging With Candidates

Our member organizations provide services to vulnerable children and families in communities across Alberta.
Our network is over 120 agencies strong.
Our network employs over 10,000 staff.
Together, each year, we provide services to over 200,000 children and families.
We look to our communities and elected officials to advocate for the work we do and keep it in the forefront of public policy.

After 50 years as a catalyst for advancement in this sector, ALIGN is a respected source of knowledge and history about child and family services issues. In this professional field of practice, members look to ALIGN to offer leadership and training that builds front-line best practice and advances skills in executive leadership. ALIGN continually works with academic leaders and international experts to bring
members innovative and impactful opportunities for capacity building.

ALIGN has a reputation for collaborating with government, academia and other professional practice organizations. ALIGN is frequently asked to represent the voices of children, families, and member organizations during policy, practice, and legislative discussions.
We have welcomed the voice and leadership of the Indigenous community to collectively strengthen and implement services that promote positive, and healthy outcomes for clients. Our member’s programs and services, respect history and respond to many of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

ALIGN members hold approximately 80% of the Alberta Government contracts for front line child intervention services.
Additionally, our members are contracted to provide family support for children with disabilities, early intervention programs and programs for prevention of family violence. Organizations are selected for these contracts because they consistently deliver high quality services at a competitive cost.

Our membership provides strong leadership that is flexible and responsive to the changing landscape of life in Alberta. Proven
business models, a focus on efficiency, professionalism, and a passion for our work enables members to achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable Albertans during good times and bad.

ALIGN ELECTION TOOL KIT Prepared by Alberta Counsel Legal and Lobby Professionals
This extensive tool-kit offers information on candidates, party websites, how to get more information, social media, events, debates, in-person meetings, meeting guide, talking points, phrases to use in your messaging, scripts and leave behind.

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