ALIGN Political Toolkit, Messages & Budget/Election Engagement

ALIGN POLITICAL TOOL KIT Prepared by Alberta Counsel Legal and Lobby Professionals
This extensive tool-kit offers information on candidates, party websites, how to get more information, social media, events, debates, in-person meetings, meeting guide, talking points, phrases to use in your messaging, scripts and leave behind

ALIGN Association Newsletter for MLA’s March 2021 pdf
We have just seen one of the most challenging and difficult year since recent history; the pandemic has had a monumental effect on children, families and those working to ensure their well-being. Our belief is that through collaboration with stakeholders, a respectful and positive environment can be created. To that end,the ALIGN team has created this newsletter to provide Alberta MLAs news and recent activities of our member agencies… (MLA Contact List pdf)

ALIGN Political Key Messages Handout 1

ALIGN Political Key Message Handout 2

ALIGN Election Engaging With Candidates Prepared by Pascal Ryffel Alberta Counsel March 2019 pp

ALIGN #ShareAwareness Campaign Spring 2021

ALIGN has been busy with our social media campaign #ShareAwareness highlighting the facts and data that support investment in our sector. Please help us by sharing the #ShareAwareness posts on your social media platforms.


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We are a collection of allies – a unified community of agencies that represents the diverse needs of Alberta’s children and families. We are proud to champion the work of our front line service providers and to support our members. Together, we are stronger.

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