NEW PPE Triage Process

COVID-19 Practice Guidance for Service Providers


For information on the appropriate PPE required for your organization’s environment, please review the ALBERTA HEALTH SERVICES BEST PRACTICES on PPE use.

Each Agency must review their existing PPE inventory and continue to source PPE materials through local sources as best as possible.

When your PPE supplies are running low, you can submit a REQUEST FORM with the Provincial Emergency Social Services Emergency Coordination Center at the following website:

To assist triaging the requests, please ensure to indicate the following:

  • In the “Agency Type” dropdown choose “Group Home/Residential (Child Intervention)”
  • In the “Other/Comment” section add:
    • Your PPE is at critical or urgent level (see below for definition)
    • Staff to client ratio
    • A request for N95 masks would requires confirmation from Infection/Protection as per the’ Integrated guidelines for the distribution of PPE, sanitization and hygiene products during Covid-19’.
    • Any other important information
  • Ensure that your order is for no more than 14 days

Note: Not all requested PPE materials may be supplied

There is an attempt to process and fill orders as quickly as possible and organizations may receive partial shipments, as supplies are sent out as soon as they come in. Organizations should keep track of their various packing slips to ensure all requested items are received.


  • Critical – You only have enough PPE to last 24 hrs
  • Urgent – You only have enough PPE to last 48 hrs.
  • Vital – You only have enough PPE to last 72 hrs.

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