Imagine Canada Easy Online Tool to Contact Your MP About Charity and Nonprofit Sector Policy

Imagine Canada invites you to contact your MP about including charitable and nonprofit sector policy in their party’s election platform, outlining their policy commitment to Canada’s communities.

In October 2019, Canadians will vote to elect their next federal government. Most parties will release their full election platforms during the campaign, and are currently developing them. As a core sector in Canada, Imagine Canada believe’s charities and non-profits’ voices should be reflected in the party platforms.

They’ve created a simple tool for you to send a letter to your MP, detailing  sector’s priorities and needs.
Act today and let’s push for change, together. 

They encourage you to adapt the text to introduce your organization and briefly identify how these sector priorities would improve your ability to achieve your mission. You can also use this as a template for an in-person conversation with your MP.  

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