After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers Feb 2015

Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health
After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers Feb 2015
Achok Elnour has joined the After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers team. Along with other multi-disciplinary team members, Achok will be available to support caregivers beyond regular business hours Mondays through Fridays, weekends and Holidays (24 hours). This support is available to all caregivers across the province with exception of Calgary and the surrounding area. After-Hours Crisis Support Services for Caregivers has been developed in partnership between CFS and CASA to
provide mental health and/or addiction support for children, youth, and their families (kinship, foster, adoptive, permanent placement, and biological). Therapists will be available by phone and are not intended to go out to attend to emergencies (as these calls are directed to the Mobile Response Team, MRT). Calls for this service may come through CFS Crisis Services, although caregivers may also call directly at (587) 982-CASA or alternatively (587) 982-2272. Additionally, any non-urgent questions, requests for mental health resources or supports for infants, children, adults and/or families can be sent to [email protected]
Please just be advised that e-mail questions/queries should not contain personal/identifying information. CASA After-Hours Crisis Support staff may be helpful in situations such as:
Navigation of Mental Health and/or Addictions systems and services across Alberta
relieving the immediate concerns of the caregivers through brief, solution-focused mental health
interventions via telephone, improving the ability caregiver(s) to manage the child and their relationship, through discussing various bio-psycho-social strategies, providing individual or group information to caregivers (via workshops, electronic information, etc.)
on mental health and/or addictions issues. Increasing the capacity of the Crisis Service Team to respond to mental health concerns. Crisis Assessors and therapists will be able to consult one another in realtime, thereby improving their ability to support caregivers in crisis situations.

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