Government of Canada Announces Funding for 76 LGBTQ2 Community-Led Projects Across Canada Through the LGBTQ2 Community Capacity Fund 2021

Government of Canada Announces Funding for 76 LGBTQ2 Community-Led Projects Across Canada Through the LGBTQ2 Community Capacity Fund

Organization: Community-Based Research Centre Society
National: Project Title: Building Capacity to Mobilize Community-Based Research Skills and Knowledge
Description: This project will strengthen the capacity of Community-Based Research Centre Society to advance LGBTQ2 equality by increasing access to evidence, data, information, and knowledge sources by conducting needs assessments and environmental scans; building managerial capacity with board governance and strategic planning; and strengthening collaboration among organizations by creating and sharing training series resources and materials.

Organization: Egale Canada Human Rights Trust
National: Project Title: Egale National LGBTQI2S Research Hub
Description: This project extension will fortify sector knowledge and access to data, strengthen networks, advance intersectionality, and build internal organizational human resource and strategic planning capacity. These objectives will be achieved by expanding and solidifying their National LGBTQI2S Academic Advisory Committee, conducting critical research into key issues, and addressing human resources and strategic planning needs within the organization.

Organization: Enfants Transgenres Canada – Gender Creative Kids Canada
National: Project Title: Building on our strengths to better support Canada’s Trans youth
Description: This project aims to strengthen the capacity and networks of Gender Creative Kids Canada to promote LGBTQ2 equality with the following activities: support management capacity through three-year strategic planning, strategic consultations and the hiring of additional staff; and strengthen inter-organizational collaboration through a Canada-wide community networking campaign.

See all funded project Backgrounder–Enabling the future of LGBTQ2 community-led organizations

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