Final Report of Lobbyists Act Review – Exemption for Public Benefit Nonprofits Upheld 2022

The Alberta Lobbyists Act regulates lobbying activities in Alberta. It balances free and open access to government with public transparency and accountability with respect to who is accessing and seeking to influence government

Final Report – Review of the Lobbyists Act Thirtieth Legislature Third Session May 2022 pdf
Excerpt- Provide Stakeholder Submissions to the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General 6.0 COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS
During its deliberations the Committee noted that nonprofit organizations were opposed to changing exemption requirements in the Act. These organizations expressed concern that small organizations would be subject to increased administrative burdens should they no longer be exempted from the Act. The Committee agreed with these arguments and suggested that exemption requirements not be amended at this time.

The second issue discussed by the Committee pertained to lowering or otherwise changing the minimum hourly threshold for organization lobbyists Read Full

Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future Releases Final Report of Lobbyists Act Review June 2022 –
CCVO is pleased that the committee has heard the voice of nonprofits and recommended that the exemption be upheld. This decision will ensure that the Lobbyists Act does not create both unnecessary red tape for the Government of Alberta and unnecessary work for the Alberta nonprofits working in the public interest and for public benefit.  Read Full

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