Family Finding – Kevin Campbell 2015

The Family Finding Model developed by Kevin A. Campbell is an evidence-based six-step model that responds to those involved in the child welfare system with the same urgency as the Red Cross during crisis, using the philosophy of Article 26 of the Geneva Convention -“The Right to Know”. Evidence shows that workers trained in Family Finding get results for the children in their care. Research on a variety of Family Finding projects has demonstrated that Family Finding works to significantly increase the number of relatives and other important known adult connections for children in care and leads to an average of five to eight offers of help from these adults (

Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region are proud to have partnered with Kevin Campbell and Seneca Family of Agencies to be the Canadian Portal of Family Finding. Their goal and commitment is to bring Family Finding across the country and they now offer a variety of services and options to meet all of your training needs.

Click Here for a list of training topics offered by Kevin Campbell and/or Family & Children’s Services.

ALIGN Videos of Family Finding Presentations
Welcome & Opening Prayer
Kim Spicer – 6 CIPF Principles
Kevin Campbell Part 1
Kevin Campbell Part 2
Kevin Campbell Part 3
Kevin Campbell Part 4

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