November 2020
Alberta Education Guidance: Return to Remote Learning Education
Excerpt Supporting students with disabilities
All students with disabilities who require support and services in any grade and students in outreach programs can continue to receive supports and services in-person at school, regardless of the shifts to at-home learning before and after the winter break. This exemption for in-person learning was based on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health in consultation with parents, schools are expected to continue to provide students with disabilities with services and support they need. Parents should work with their teacher and school principal on appropriate arrangements.

ALIGN Newsletter What’s Happening in the Disability Sector? October 2020
The Disabilities Sector is potentially in a risky place. Many of the agencies that provide services for children and families also provide services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) or Family Supports for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) services. It is important that we support Alberta Council for Disability Services (ACDS) advocacy work as it may have a collateral effect on many of your colleagues. What is the issue? On June 10, the Government of Alberta (GoA) issued a notice to  Read Full Bulletin and Learn More about ACDS Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for people with disabilities

FSCD Q & A Spring 2020
CSS has developed a process to receive questions from the Disability Sector that will be answered weekly with a Weekly Q & A on COVID-19 For Alberta’s disability sector. Please submit your questions clearly in an e mail to Rhonda Barraclough at [email protected] by Fridays  weekly at 9 AM based on COVID-19 related concerns and issues. Every Friday, CSS Program Policy and Improvement Division will review all of the questions submitted, categorize them into theme areas and then create a roll up question for each theme area. The summarized questions will be distributed to the most appropriate staff in Community and Social Services to draft a succinct and plain language answer. Every Tuesday we will post the questions and answers in the Weekly Q & A on COVID-19
Weekly Q/A on COVID-19: For Disability Service Providers July 2020
Weekly Q/A on COVID 19 for Disability Service Providers May 20 2020s
Weekly Q/A on COVID 19 for Disability Service Providers May 13, 2020
Weekly Q/A on COVID-19: For Disability Service Providers May 6, 2020
Weekly Q/A on COVID-19: For Disability Service Providers April 23, 2020
Weekly Q/A on COVID-19: For Disability Service Providers April, 2020

A Reference Guide On COVID-19 For People With Disabilities
The Alberta Government is providing support to the disability community to help navigate this crisis. “Government is working with disability service provider partners to provide personal protective equipment, help maintain staffing, and develop policies to allow for easier access to supports and help ensure the well-being of individuals and families. A reference guide on COVID-19 for people with disabilities has also been developed to provide information on how to stay safe and limit the spread of the virus.

See PPE Index Tab for Ordering & Staff/Client Safety Resources

CS COVID-19 Communication
COVID-19 Communication from John Stinson, Assistant Deputy Minister Program Policy and Improvement, Community and Social Services for FSCD Families March 202

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