CSP Workshops Preventing Suicide in Indigenous Children & Youth

CSP Workshop – Little Cub Preventing Suicide in Indigenous Children
Little Cub is a half-day, discussion-based workshop examining suicide prevention in Indigenous children and communities. The Little Cub Workshop draws heavily on storytelling and oral tradition. It begins by recognizing the unique precipitating factors of suicide in Indigenous communities and moves through to identifying risk and protective factors in children 12 years of age and younger. The workshop finishes by empowering participants with knowledge and tools to transfer the care of a child considering suicide to a community-based resource person…

CSP – River of Life Online Course: Preventing Suicide in Indigenous Youth
River of Life is an interactive half-day workshop created for adults working with Indigenous young people 12 and up. This interactive workshop discusses strategies to strengthen the protective factors of young people considering suicide and focuses on providing participants with the knowledge to competently respond.

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