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Communications Memo #6

Dear Members, AG and AHS Updates: For up to date Alberta news you can subscribe at this web link: The latest news regarding COVID-19 is around testing; ALIGN is attempting to get information/clarity around the topic of and definition of “other similar facilities”. We will keep you posted on any response we receive. Working During COVID-19 Questions have

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Align Communication Memo 5

MARCH 23, 2020 Dear Members, This communication is an update regarding new information, and also a response to the questions raised by the Communication Gathering Meetings held last week with group care. The updated Children Services Practice Guides for both their CI staff and to agencies staff are attached to this Communication and posted on the ALIGN website. One is

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Urgent Request March 20 @ 2:30PM

We are asking all agencies to send [email protected] information on if they have staff that can be redeployed to care for children in care if necessary. So for example, if you have a program and have closed or decreased your service and have staff that could be redeployed, Golda would need to know that. We need to develop a rapid

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Align Communication Memo 4

Dear Members, As we all move through this pandemic I want to just say how much all the work you are doing for children and youth and families is appreciated. We know this is a difficult time and as we individually try to find a footing we may lose our balance/timing at times. I think it is important to remind

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Align Communication Memo 3

To Obtain Current Alberta COVID-19 Information go to: ALIGN COMMUNICATION #3 Communications #3 Update – March 18, 2020.docx ALIGN COMMUNICATION #2 COVID19 ALIGN Ministry of Children Services ALIGN COMMUNICATION #1 COVID-19 – A Guide for ALIGN Members

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