Communications Memo #7

Important Reminders
1. Please send information regarding any extra space or staff (identify any staff with specialized training) that your agency has to Golda Cassell at . Thank you for your prompt attention to this.
2. Please let Katie at  know the name and updated cell number of your ED or CEO.
Important Information from the Rapid Response Team
As many of you are aware there is a small group of agency director and ministry staff working on Rapid Response plans should it become necessary. As a result we are needing agencies to do a bit of preparation.
1.    Ask yourself; are you prepared to isolate young people if it becomes necessary? Where will you put them? Do you have that spot ready and available now?
2.    If you are not set up to do that, do you have a buddy agency that can or will? What is your plan? If you do not have a plan and are not sure what to do please send a note to Rhonda at .
3.    You should canvass your staff to see who has experience in group care. Many people have started their careers there, and could be redeployed back to that setting if need be. Please do that work now. Also what staff do you have that have special qualifications that could be used or shared if necessary. Examples being: who has TCI, has ever worked in a secure facility, etc. Please track that information and keep it ready. We may need to collectively help each other out in very specialize service areas and knowing who is out there will be helpful.
4.    A recommendation is that you begin to get a stock of disposable cutlery and plates, etc. so that if you do get a virus you can easily dispose of these items.
5.    Separate room for the use of PPE. As we try to get clearer direction on the use of PPE. If you do have to use gowns/coveralls you will need to have a separate space were they can be put on and off. We sent out some video on proper use of coveralls/gowns. You need to plan ahead and we will be working to get more information on this. In any event if you have a young person with COVID-19 you will be getting support and advice from Public Health.
Right Now/Short Term Planning
As of right now, should an emergency become apparent. Agencies have been asked to contact Rhonda at 780.233.5459 for help.
Rhonda will assess the situation and then will engage the RRP team member from your area. We will then problem solve and see what we can do to help the agency in need.
Rhonda has a list of resources/empty places that can be used. If we run short on staff we will begin to call agencies and see what we can get for assistance.
Weekly the list of resources and staff will be sent to the RRT members
If a CI worker is needed to help solve the issue, Bruce Anderson or Elden Block will be called
Q and As
Please remember to use the email address for your questions as CS is answering and tracking them.
Question regarding Criminal Record Checks and can agencies do Statutory Declarations?
See link above to the March 25, 2020 CS Information for Service Providers above outlining the Statutory Director’s position in relation to criminal record checks at this point in time.
Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Statutory Director is authorizing all Category 4 Directors the ability to authorize Agencies on an as need basis to use Statutory Declarations as an interim measure for criminal record checks for staff who are urgently required to support children and youth under CYFEA. This must be tracked and confirmation recorded once the formal criminal record check has occurred.
Questions have been raised regarding 3rd party liability issues for agencies. One agency has been kind enough to share with ALIGN a summary their insurance company has shared with them. Please see at the following link:
ALIGN recommends all member agencies to contact their insurance companies to discuss what is in their policies and what is covered, especially when you may be asked to do things ie, medical quarantine outside the scope of your normal practice during this COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 Resources
A valuable and current FACT PAGE from Alberta Health Services can be found here

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