Collaborative Service Delivery (CSD) Table (Formerly The Foster Care Negotiation Table)

Update Sept 2017

Collaborative Service Delivery (CSD):
Recently through many different discussions it has become clear that there is some confusion amongst organizations regarding the understanding of the term Collaborative Services Delivery (CSD).  CSD is intended to be  an approach in delivering services to Alberta Children and Families under the umbrella of the Child Intervention Practice Framework (CIPF). This approach is being achieved but limited to initiatives such as; the Foundation of Caregiver Support, CSD lead sites, Family Finding  and Signs of Safety. Collaborative Service Delivery Leads Table are meeting to discuss future direction of the table.

Update October 2016

ALIGN currently represented on the Collaboration Table (Formerly The Foster Care Negotiation Table). Purpose: Ministry discusses foster care issues with agency, AFPA, DFNA, and others. Currently Jon Reeves is the chair and Mark Hattori is often there.

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