Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) Election Message

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If we want families to contribute to the economy or continue their education, early learning & child care has to be part of Alberta’s economic plan. With 73% of mothers with young children (0-5) participating in Alberta’s workforce, we require safe, high quality early learning programs for children, prior to school entry, that provide the foundation for achieving better education, health, social and economic outcomes over the long-term. Unfortunately, only 25% of Alberta’s children aged 0 to 5 have access to a licensed or regulated child care space and only 15% have access at age 6 to 12. Approximately 28% of our current licensed child care programs are non-compliant with the Child Care Licensing Act and Regulation. Low quality child care remains an issue as a result of early childhood educators not being well-prepared for this important work….

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