Memo #58 – Enhancement Act Policy Revisions Fall 2021 Removing Caregiver Consent for Immunization Oct 2021


Dear Members,

Follow up from our last ALIGN Kinship-Foster Care meeting:

1) The Delegation of Powers and Duties to a Child Caregiver (CS1631) was recently updated by removing a caregiver’s ability to consent to immunizations for a child/youth under a Permanent Guardianship Order and Permanent Guardianship Agreement. 

This update is to align with the Enhancement Policy Manual: Intervention Section, Policy 9.1.7 Immunizations that includes the following: 

  • Immunizations are not part of ordinary medical care;
  • The caregiver cannot refuse or consent to immunizations;
  • The caseworker will work collaboratively with the caregiver by affording them the ability to take the lead as much as possible for arranging for the immunizations.

Children’s Services staff will continue to follow Policy 9.1.7 Immunizations to obtain appropriate consents when arranging for immunizations and discuss with caregivers the need to have the proper consents for immunizations. 

To avoid further confusion and to ensure the appropriate delegations are in place, Children’s Services staff have been directed to provide caregivers with the updated Delegation of Powers and Duties to a Child Caregiver (CS1631) form by December 23rd, 2021. 

Note: For further information about COVID-19 Immunization for Child & Youth 12 and Over, please refer to the Child Intervention Practice Guidance Coronavirus (COVID-19)



View Enhancement Act Policy Revisions Fall 2021 – All pdf for detailed information regarding policy revisions

The Enhancement Policy Manual describes the policy, purpose and practice support or procedure that guide our work with children, youth and families. We often get requests from service delivery, recommendations and directions to update or create new policy.  On an ongoing basis, we ensure that policy is aligned with current practice approaches and tools.  We are attempting to establish a clear and timely policy release cycle to:

  • ensure we address the specific needs of service delivery in an organized and thoughtful manner,  
  • build in adequate consultation and approval time and process, and

·         support communication and understanding of policy changes.

Regular policy releases and updates will occur bi-annually (Spring and Fall) and there are times when circumstances require an immediate policy release.

If you or your staff have any questions about the updates, please have them email the policy team at

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