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Advertisement fee for business card size: (for one volume)
Members = $75.00 + GST = $78.75
Non-members= $125.00 + GST= $131.25
Half Page:
Members = $450.00 +GST = $472.50
Non-members = $500.00+ GST = $525.00Advertising Application

The ALIGN Journal for Services to Children and Families (Formerly AASCF) focuses on issues that are pertinent, significant and related to the work of the agencies with a specific focus on practice, leadership and wellness. We produce the journal two times per year and in both electronic and print form. In order to offset the costs of printing we are offering advertisement opportunities. We would like advertisement to be related to the learning/research agenda of the journal or general to the business of agencies. So an example is: if your agency offers some core training as part of its operation and you would like to highlight that we could advertise it in the Journal; or you know a contractor that offers great supervision workshops and that person is interested they could purchase a space (non-member). Another suitable advertiser is an insurance agent or benefits provider. An advertisement space will be the size of a regular business card (3.5inx2in.)Or a half page (8.5×11 sheets will be the print size) and only printed once in one Journal

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