ALIGN – Mental Health Series with Frank Shannon

Mental Health Series
Understanding Brain Responses and Individual coping strategies in the midst of a pandemic.

Presenter: Frank Shannon, Haida Nation – Old Massett Band. Frank has been working within British Columbia and Alberta for over 25 years as an indigenous liaison and knowledge keeper. Frank has a private counselling practice working with individuals impacted by trauma. Frank assists the children and youth in attaining greater self regulation and resilience from their traumatic experiences as well as provides recommendations to caregivers in the community. Frank continues to co-facilitate educational circles for men in the areas of family violence and parenting. He has worked for 12 years as an Aboriginal Cultural Helper in acute health care advocating, assisting and supporting patients as well as families during their hospital stay. He has worked with community Elders through ceremony as well as by raising cultural awareness to provide support to hospital patients, family and staff. He has provided cultural resource training to frontline staff in the area of grief and loss, addictions focusing on the impact of intergenerational trauma. In 2006 he was introduced to the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education (CFTRE) where he began learning about Self Regulation Therapy and the impact of trauma on our neurophysiology. In 2010 he became a board member for the CFTRE, also assists in training. In 2015 – 2018 enrolled and completed beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of Dr Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing trauma training. .
In Frank’s professional practice he incorporates working with his knowledge of the human nervous system and his cultural teachings. He helps people build capacity and connect to their physiological resources so that they can move towards their health and resilience. Frank believes working with a somatic approach contributes in creating sustainable healthy communities one nervous system at a time.


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