ALIGN Memo #61 ALIGN Request for Member Agency OHS Safety Management Contact Information Nov. 2021

November 25, 2021
Attention Agency Executive Directors / CEO:

At the initial ALIGN Board OHS Working Committee in June 2021, it was acknowledged that the valuable work begun via the Community Services Staff Safety Initiative needs to continue. In addition to sector issues identified in the Alberta OHS “Care Worker Violence Prevention Focused Inspection Program,” it is noted that the sector is comprised of numerous agencies varying in size and services provided. Challenges faced by one agency may be different from those of another. To be relevant for all of the sector, the committee’s work must strive to engage with agencies on all OHS issues.

A decision was made to form a sub-committee to determine how to identify best further challenges, themes, issues, concerns, and opportunities. Essentially, to obtain a realistic, accurate, current picture or snapshot story of our sector through a targeted survey. This “Our Story” will become the basis for the direction in supporting and assisting all agencies in the difficult task of shifting their overall culture to appreciate and incorporate OHS principles.

ALIGN can only be an influencer and a resource when we have information. In order to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively with the individual responsible for Safety Management in your organization, I am asking you to please take a few moments to return this email to Cathy Mitchell (ALIGN) at with the contact info for that individual. Thank you for your attention to this important request.

Sent on behalf of the ALIGN Board OHS Working Committee from ALIGN ED Rhonda Barraclough