ALIGN Members Input Requested for Red Tape Submissions Deadline August 30, 2019

Dear ALIGN Association Members,

The ALIGN Association Board of Directors have now met with both the Minister for Children Services and the Minister for Community and Social Services.  Both of these meetings were interesting and we were able to give the ministers information about ALIGN Association’s desire to work together and the need to provide sustainable funding for the future; especially if there is a request to move more services into the community.

In both meetings the Ministers and their staff encouraged us to make a list of Red Tape Reduction suggestions that can go forward with an emphasis on solutions that can save time; money and resources while still upholding fiscal accountability and ensuring the health and safety of Albertans.

Many of you may have already submitted your suggestion via the 200000 ALIGN Election Website, but we are able to ensure our concerns get to the Associate Minster through our contract with Alberta Counsel. I encourage you to talk with your teams and families and send me a point form list of any suggestion regarding red tape reductions.  Please indicate which ministry you are referring to; for example, FSCD having parents electronically sign forms or CS foster parents signing forms and pictures of receipts as evidence of expenditures. Things like that would be great.

If you have previously submitted, please re-submit your list to me.

I need to have all your suggestions to me by Aug 30, 2019, at which time I will compile a list to send to Minister Hunter.

E.D. Rhonda Barraclough

ALIGN Association of Community Services


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