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Children’s Service Update

Enhancement Policy Manual Update

The Enhancement Policy Manual was updated on October 15, 2020.

The Enhancement Policy Manual describes the policy, purpose and practice support or procedure that guide our work with children, youth and families. We (CS)often get requests from service delivery, recommendations and directions to update or create new policy. On an ongoing basis, we ensure that policy is aligned with current practice approaches and tools. We are attempting to establish a clear and timely policy release cycle to:
•          ensure we address the specific needs of service delivery in an organized and thoughtful manner,
•          build in adequate consultation and approval time and process, and
•          support communication and understanding of policy changes.

Regular policy releases and updates will occur bi-annually (Spring and Fall) and there are times when circumstances require an immediate policy release.
One update to bring to your attention is that we are transitioning to use a new version of the Treatment Service Card (TSC). We recently redesigned the TSC to support the effort towards digitizing and streamlining processes. This design change does not affect the available health benefit coverage under the TSC. I have attached a letter to inform the caregivers about this change. It is greatly appreciated if you can post this letter on your website to pass on this information. See link here:
More details regarding this policy release is included in the attached Policy Revisions Document. If you could share this release with your colleagues for their information that would be greatly appreciated. See link here: Fall 2020 Policy Revisions:

If you or your staff have any questions about the updates, please have them email the CS policy team at [email protected]

GOA’s New Payment System

Here is a copy of a correspondence that will go out to agencies from CS. The GOA is moving to a new payment system. If you have any questions please contact your Contract Specialist.
“ Dear (agency),

The Government of Alberta is introducing a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The system will be called 1GX, which stands for one government experience. It will replace some of the current operating systems and will reduce manual work and duplication, transform the way we work, and streamline business. The first phase of implementation for Children’s Services is scheduled for early December 2020.

To avoid any potential disruptions in payments, we will be issuing the December 2020 and January 2021 monthly block funded payments to Children’s Services providers at one time. If you do not have a block funded contract we would ask that you ensure that you send your invoices for services to us no later than November 13th , to help us prepare for this upcoming change.

If you have any questions, please contact your Contract Specialist.”

Please remember to use the [email protected] email address for your questions as CS is still answering and tracking them.
MONTHLY Communications Gathering – Group and Congregate Care, SIL and
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What’s happening in the Disabilities Sector? See here:
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