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Dear Members,

New Children Service Practice Guidance

Attached is the new CS Practice Guidance with a new and improved format.

The Service Provider and Caregiver Guidance has been added to Caseworker

Guidance so it is all in one very easy to navigate document and now has a Table

of Contents that is easily searched (and all of the below documents can be

removed from the portal).

  • CI Practice Guidance
  • Caregiver Guidance
  • SFAA Guidance
  • Assessment of Harm and Danger Guidance
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Staff Safety

CS also took a couple of sections out of the FAQ document and embedded it in

the guidance (or removed duplication):

  • Adoption and Private Guardianship
  • SFP
  • Respite/Relief (removed as it is in the caregiver section of the guidance)

We want to remind you that as this is an ever evolving document, so discourage

folks from printing copies as we know the information can change daily.

Always refer to the Covid-19 Children’s Services Directives page on the ALIGN

website for the most current version.

Other Highlights :

There is an introduction page before the table of contents which will highlight any

changes that are made in the document when it is updated, and those changes

will also be highlighted in the relevant section.

Any new pieces with have a big “new” sticker while updates will have an “update”


There are instructions for searching the document for specific information on the

intro page.

Each chapter has an easy “return to table of content” button so folks can easily

get back to the start.

Chapters also have relevant links and websites embedded at the end so folks

can easily get access to the information they are looking for.

Additions to this guidance:

  • Addition of SFP and Adoption and Private Guardianship chapters – not
  • new content just moved from FAQ
  • Addition of expanded SFAA guidance
  • Addition of Medical Appointments


  • CS is working out the page numbering system. Instead of having consistent page numbers (e.g. 1-50), each chapter has their own page numbers.
  • They hope to have that figured out for the next update.

Please find the new CS Practice Guidance here:

Q and As’ regarding the orders for Personal ProtectiveEquipment:

Q: Are orders automatically renewed or do we have to reapply again?

A: If your two-week order is entirely filled, then you will have to apply again once it starts running low. If the two-week order is not filled, then POC logistics will continue to track that until it is filled. SO THAT MEANS AGENCIES SHOULD BEGIN APPLYING NOW .

Q: What is the process for checking on the status of orders?

A: All requests for PPE are now going into the CRM system and the inventory is controlled by the Provincial Operations Centre (POC). POC is making every effort to disperse the stock from their warehouse and they are working diligently to satisfy all requests.If you have questions or queries about what has been delivered or is on the list for delivery, please send an e-mail to [email protected] and[email protected]  for clarity. This email address can be shared with external stakeholders .

Q: The question about overage issues ( SO THE ORDER NOT MATCHING WHAT WAS DELIVERED ) has not been answered yet – all areas have been advised to follow the following procedures until POC have developed a process.What is the process when a service provider receives PPE they have not ordered?

A: Some areas have reported receiving PPE which they had not requested and do not need.There is no current process in place for dealing with overages. The ExecutiveDirector of AEMA did reassure us that payment would not be required for items which had not been requested.Until POC is aware of the extent of the problem EMBCS (EMT) recommends the following actions:

  • Separate and do not use the overages.
  • Keep a copy of the original paper showing what you requested.
  • Keep a copy of the paperwork you received with your order highlighting any
  • deficiencies.

If you have been made aware of any overages please email us at: [email protected] . We will report the issues to the POC. If there are isolated cases, they will be dealt with on an individual basis. However, if the problem is wide spread a process will likely be put in place.


Volunteer Management and Covid-19 free webinar on Thursday May 14, 2020 .Presented by Volunteer Canada, this webinar will explore the following questionsin an open and engaging discussion:

  • How do we ensure the safety of volunteers while supporting vulnerable people?
  • How can we transition to more virtual volunteer roles?
  • How can we keep volunteers engaged while programs and services are suspended?
  • How can we address the social isolation felt by many individuals in this time of physical distancing?

Webinar Information

Topic:  The Volunteering Lens of Public Health EmergenciesDate: Thursday, May 14 at 1pm ET / 10am PT (webinar is one hour in length)Audience: Nonprofit leaders and professionals, managers of volunteers, and boards of directors.Cost: Free –  Register Now

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