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With the nice weather finally arriving in Alberta, it is getting harder for most of us to cope with the Covid-19 Pandemic isolation and physical distancing. Grant it some individuals fair better than others, but some of us may need a little extra support during these stressful times.


ALIGN attended a webinar offered by The Alberta Council last week where various mental health agencies discussed the services they were offering during the pandemic.

An important piece of information we learned is that Kids Help Phone Line has extended their help line to include any age and can be reached by Texting 741741 .

Mental Health Co-Pilots : is a new free mental health service in Alberta who do not provide counselling, but are committed to being a bridge between individual’s and skilled mental health professionals. From identifying an individuals needs, to choosing a professional, navigating insurance and sliding scales to following up and ensuring it is an adequate fit; your Copilot is with you every step of the way.

Stronger Minds by BEACON is a free digital program for all Canadians – to support your mental well-being through the COVID-19 crisis.

Get guidance that’s created to help with the specific emotional well-being concerns stirred by the pandemic, through easy-to-digest resources from our team of caring clinical psychologists here:

Alberta Health Services

Help In Tough Time : ;

Big White Wall is an anonymous free help line available 24/7 on the website, and via tablet and smartphone app. After creating an account at , you will be able to download the app. Check this resource out here:

“In the midst of all the noise, leaders are looking for factual, evidence-informed guidance to assist them with their organizational recovery efforts. PolicyWise has developed a series of infographics to outline key lessons learned from research and Alberta’s own experience with psychosocial response and recovery.” These infographics could be useful as your agency begins the slow recovery from Covid-19:

Information Regarding PDD and FSCD

Here is a link to plain language guide for persons with disabilities that the Government Communications released on Friday April 24, 2020;

Attached please find the latest Q and As’ regarding PDD and FSCD:


Please find attached here an updated PPE Directive from Government asking that the contact number and drop off information provided on the order be accessible over weekends and after hours.

For your information in case you were not aware. AHS has updated on-line information about using PPE…

Here is a child friendly “super hero” video shared by Woods Homes that about PPE for kids  It doesn’t show how to put on or take off PPE, more just explains what PPE is in a kid friendly way.

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