Alberta Family Wellness Initiative ONGOING – New Report Jan 2021

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) provides resources and symposia to bring key stakeholders together to help inform policy and practice in Alberta, so that they can create a common framework of understanding. The AFWI routinely scans academic journals for research articles related to its mission and vision.

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) Report – Early Learnings about the Resilience Scale Metaphor in Practice 2021 
From June–November 2020, the AFWI convened a community of practice comprising six organizations in Alberta and two in in London, England. The intent was for participants to design, implement, and test out various uses of the resilience scale to suit diverse practice contexts and to learn collaboratively from the process.

Embedding the Brain Story to Catalyze Sustainable Change for Children and Families outlines how the AFWI is poised for a significant strategic shift that will enable front-line benefits for children and families in Alberta and beyond.

Enroll in the Brain Story Course The Brain Story Certification course is officially live. The course is an online learning tool designed to build and deepen knowledge about the Brain Story Science and its impact on lifelong health. The AFWI is providing the course at no cost to leaners. Please enroll and share Brain Story Certification with friends and professionals in your network.

Current Literature and Research

AFWI Resource Library

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We are a collection of allies – a unified community of agencies that represents the diverse needs of Alberta’s children and families. We are proud to champion the work of our front line service providers and to support our members. Together, we are stronger.

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