Alberta Election 2019 Political Party Comparison of Social Issue Platforms, Sector Messages and Q/A

It can sometimes be challenging to get all the information you are looking for in one place. With that in mind, ALIGN will try to include in the list below reference to various parties political platform points related to social issues. This is a collection of excerpts with source links. If you have an additional excerpts you would like to include – please send email with title of article, webpage or document and URL. Information must have a link to a webpage already available to the public. Send to [email protected] We will update regularly so check back! See more Election Resources

If you have an additional excerpts you would like to include – please send email with title of article, webpage or document and URL. Information must have a link to a webpage already available to the public. Send to [email protected]  We would like to ensure we include representation of all parties who have a platform point related to social issues and nonprofits.

These platform points (see below) will be updated as they are received so please check back regularly.

Please note these are just platform points we’ve been able to find while reviewing available information. ALIGN encourages all agencies to contact their candidates or visit party platforms to inquire further regarding their positions on this issue. See

NDP Election Platform.
UCP’s Election Platform.
Alberta Liberal Party’s Election Platform.
Alberta Party’s Election Platform.


•Child care: Notley announced an NDP government would extend the party’s flagship child-care program to all spaces in the province, costing about $1.5 billion over five years. Currently there are 122 centres in Alberta, including 7,300 spaces, that cap fees at $25 a day per child. The NDP plan would apply to a total of 75,000 spaces, including 13,000 new ones, and save parents an average of $300 per month. Source
•Will improve the quality of child care delivered through enhanced staff training, full implementation of the new curriculum and promotion of nonstandard hour care and other innovations. Source
• Will create an online portal for families to find child care providers in their communities and make informed decisions about their child care needs. Source

Alberta Party
• Child care: The Alberta Party would create a billion-dollar voucher system to offset child-care costs for those who can least afford them. Families earning between $30,000 and $49,999 a year would pay no more than $5 a day for daycare. The subsidy would decrease as family income rises, to a maximum combined income of $110,000 a year. Source
• Vouchers, tax credits to help families with kids in daycare or after-school care  Source


• Build a new children’s mental health hospital in Edmonton to serve all northern populations   Source

• Invest $40 million over 4 years to launch an Opioid Response Strategy that expands support for opioid treatment centres to deal with wait times and increases access, including additional detox beds, mobile detox programs, and funding a new Virtual Opioid Dependency Program Source
• Establish a dedicated Opioid Enforcement Team within the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team (ALERT) to target aggressive investigation and disruption of opioid manufacturing and dealing at a cost of $10 million over four years Source
• Expand Drug Treatment Courts, including new ones outside of Calgary and Edmonton, with an investment of $20 million over four years Source
• Increase earlier access to addiction and mental health services through primary care centers Source
• Expand home care to support those who identify addiction and mental health Support Albertans in crisis by expanding programs to more communities including police and crisis teams, provincial family violence treatment programs, diversion programs and drug treatment courts, and by developing mental health court models Source
• Increase access to mental health services and reduce recidivism and use of emergency departments for those in contact with the criminal justice system Source
• Support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people and communities by establishing a continuum of addiction and mental health services, ensuring service provision is not disrupted by jurisdictional disputes, and increasing access to services Source

Alberta Party
• Wellness strategy focused on mental health Source


• Build a 120-bed homeless shelter in Red Deer, with funding of $7 million Source
• Will build 4,000 new affordable housing units to make sure low-income Albertans have access to safe, quality housing, and work with municipalities to plan for future needs. Source
• Will increase support for Family and Community Social Services organizations to make sure local social support programs can effectively help Albertans in need. Source

• More Affordable Housing will be built in Alberta for those who need it Source

• Double the funding for new affordable housing Source


• To help Albertans with disabilities live inclusive and fulfilling lives in their communities. We share your commitment to making life better for people with disabilities… Read full response to 4 questions regarding disabilities Source

• An Inclusive Disability Agenda will support Albertans with disabilities to live full lives with dignity and equal opportunities. We’re committed to creating an inclusive Alberta for people with disabilities. For example, in the last legislative session, we convinced the government to increase the amount of money people could earn before their supports and benefits were reduced. We’ve also committed to updating the 2004 Standards for Special Education, and to working with First Nations and other Indigenous communities to ensure that their members with disabilities receive comparable support to other Albertans. More details on our approach to supporting and empowering Albertans with disabilities can be found on pages 75-76 of the platform.


•McRorie says she would like to see more disability issues being discussed. She thinks affordable housing is an important topic. “We need homes in communities that are modified and adapted for each person’s needs Source

Green Party
Response to Questions surrounding disability sector Restructure and refocus the funding-governing bodies. First off, changing the evaluation measurement priority from cost saving to instead prioritizing service delivery quality and effectiveness. Also, shifting the leadership positions from political appointees to people from the disability communities… Source


• Introduce a bill to allow police to warn partners of someone’s violent or abusive past, including $2 million to expand the use of specialized electronic monitoring technology Source
• $5 million to support survivors of sexual assault, $3.5 million of which will be directed to grants to sexual assault service centres. The rest will go to improving service to victims in remote and rural areas  Source
• Fight human trafficking in Alberta. Kenney unveiled a nine-point plan, which includes the creation of a provincial task force and public awareness campaigns about the reality of human trafficking with a focus on vulnerable populations  Source
• Unveils plan to give $5 million in new funding to sexual assault service centres (Source)
The Justice system will become fairer, faster and more effective in protecting the safety of every Albertan. Source
• We will Protect Vulnerable Albertans with legislation and increased funding for Alberta’s specialized law enforcement agencies that combat domestic violence, stalkers, child exploitation and abuse, gang activity, and drug trafficking. Source

• Establish a provincial unit to fight hate crimes and extremism in Alberta Source

• Increase funding for women’s shelters Source
• Enact Clare’s Law, to allow police to disclose criminal records for potentially abusive partners Source
• Implement mandatory sexual assault, harassment and consent training for all police officers and judges Source


•Alberta PC leader Ric McIver says Alberta needs an all-party, public committee to look into the problems in child intervention in the province, not something behind closed doors.

We believe that the only way to truly achieve sustainable funding for community services is to restore the economy to growth and to invest responsibly now. The more money we borrow today, the more money we pay in interest tomorrow, which means that fewer dollars will be available to fund the public services Albertans rely on. The UCP believes in the importance of local decision-making, and we’ll empower the people on the ground to make as many decisions as possible. For example, we’re proposing to partner whenever possible with civil society organizations to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.More details on our approach to charitable organizations can be found on pages 71-72 of our platform We hope it’s clear that the United Conservative Party is offering a comprehensive, compassionate plan to improve the future prospects of all Albertans. The foundation of that plan is a growing economy and sound fiscal management, and with a solid foundation we’ll be able to build reliable, sustainable, and equitable public services that will better the lives of all Albertans. If we’re given the privilege of forming government, we’ll only be to accomplish that goal by working together with organizations like ALIGN and its members. Email to ALIGN from Hannah Presakarchuk Campaign

• The creation of a Regional Indigenous Child Protection Office Source


• Indigenous platform: This includes education and justice reforms, the creation of a Regional Indigenous Child Protection Office, Indigenous Language immersion programs, and adding six new seats to the Alberta legislature for Indigenous Peoples MLAs. Source
• Mandate provincial courts to apply Indigenous-based sentencing principles Source

• Support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people and communities by establishing a continuum of addiction and mental health services, ensuring service provision is not disrupted by jurisdictional disputes, and increasing access to services Source


• Will review and modernize grants to community groups and non-profit organizations, giving consideration to multi-year, sustainable funding arrangements, reducing the time between funding decisions and money flowing, and flexible forms of funding to allow a broader range of organizations to be eligible Source
• We promise an increase in funding for Family and Community Social Services organizations to make sure local social support programs can effectively help Albertans in need (excerpt from Gurbachan Brar NDP Candidate in email to ALIGN April 11, 2019)

• Partnering with Non-Profits, Charities and Volunteers will help create a brighter future for Albertans who need a hand up by assisting the groups best positioned to help Albertans in their communities. Source



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Social Media Sharing Suggestions

Without an increase in funding from the government, many agencies are left with uncertain futures. Funding should be indexed and grow as standards increase and operational costs rise. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

Vulnerable children and families need access to support services in the communities where they live best achieved by commitment to a service delivery l that contracts with qualified local community agencies. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

Seeking a commitment by the Government of Alberta to focus on community-based service delivery with families, keeping more children safe and included in their homes and communities  #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

The Government of Alberta has a responsibility to protect and support the provinces children, youth and their families.  Every day there are over 10,000 children and youth who receive child intervention or family support for children with disabilities services  #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

Adequate funding models and procurement plans are a necessity to continue this work at the quality Alberta’s children and families require. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

Alberta Election 2019 Political Party Comparison of Social Issue Platforms, Sector Messages and Q/A #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

ALIGN Association of Community Services is working for children and families is your community. We are a membership-based hub of over 120 child and family service agencies throughout Alberta. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

ALIGN member agencies employ 10,000 staff who deliver support services including early intervention, group care, foster and kinship care to 200,000 vulnerable children and families in Alberta each year. Help us share our election message. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

The Government of Alberta contracts with community agencies to deliver services for children and families in the communities they call home. Over 80% of these contracts are with ALIGN member agencies. The following stories will give you an inside look at how programs and services can change lives. #albertaelection2019  #nonprofitsvote

What will you do to ensure children and families in your constituency can live safely and reach their full potential in the community they call home? Help us share our message
. #nonprofitsvote #albertaelection2019

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