Alberta Child Intervention Recommendations Data Tool (Spring 2024)

The Child Intervention Recommendations Data Tool is an interactive report that provides a five-year summary of the progress made on formal recommendations to improve service delivery to Albertans. Recommendations are received from Fatality Inquiries, the Office of the Child and Youth Advocate, and other government sources.

This interactive data tool allows Albertans to navigate through the progress status of the most current five years of recommendations, view recommendations progress by report author, and locate the source of the recommendations. Some reports may include recommendations for other ministries; Children and Family Services does not track the progress of the other ministries’ recommendations.

The Recommendations Data Tool is updated twice a year, with progress status results as of March and September.

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Alberta Child Intervention Data Tool The Child Intervention Data Tool provides an overview of children, youth and young adults who received child intervention services, under the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act (CYFEA). Results are displayed for the last ten years and are updated annually in September of each year.
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