AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Vol. 1 Fall 2009


Editorial – Rhonda Barraclough

Original Research and Evaluation

Examining Child Maltreatment in Canada: The Canadian Incidence Study of Reported
Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS-2008) – Bruce MacLaurin, Olivia Kitt, Carolyn Zelt, Barbara Fallon, Nico Trocmé

Making sense of partnerships in the nonprofit sector: Do we really know what we are
doing? Lessons learned – Jane Matheson, Ph.D. RSW 9

Innovations in Program Development

Community Integration: The Next Challenge of Child Welfare – Peter Smyth BA, BSW, RSW 18
Policy and Practice Reviews

Protection for Nonprofit Organizations: Liabilities for the Board of Directors – Kathy Manchuk CAIB, CRM 24

About Young People

Where the Snow Angels Tread “Building a Culture of Meaning and Purpose with
Children in Care” – Michele Crawford 27

Conference Review

Review of Workshop – Entitlement Plus®: Addressing Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity
Disorder (AD/HD) in a Positive, Holistic Way – Dr. Teeya Scholten, R. Psych

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