AASCF Leadership Bursary Report 2007 – 2011

Currently, the AASCF is responsible for the administration, payment and oversight of the bursary. The Bursary committee determines who is eligible, and ensures applications are appropriate. That committee has members from Alberta Council of Disability Society (ACDS), Alberta Home Visitation Network (AHNA), AASCF, GoA (Children’s Services), and until recently a members from the Senior Advisory Council of Alberta.

Applications are received throughout the year for the non-accredited training courses and program. The accredited degree/certificate applications are reviewed twice per year. The application process includes the application form, letters of reference, evidence of support from agency, proof that the applicant is considered an emerging leader. All applicants are screened based on the identified eligibility criteria and approved or not. The eligibility criteria are attached as appendix A…

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