AASCF Journal For Services to Children and Families Volume 7 June 2014



Balance Required when examining the chill welfare system -Dorothy Badry, Chris Lee, Bruce MacLaurin and Jackie Siepport

Original Research

Imagine: A System willing and able to protect children and support families –
Chris Boyle

The Alberta incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect ( AIS- 2008): Select Findings
– Bruce MacLaurin, Nico Trocme, Barbara Fallon, Vandna Sinha, Richard Enns, Richard Feehan, Hee-Jeong Yoo and Morgan DeMone

Caregiver turnover in Alberta accredited day care programs – Cecilia Bukutu, Xinjie Cui, Tara Hanson

Innovations in Program Development

Indigenous concepts and framework vital for human service workers: The practice of omanitew – Ralph Bodor, Leona Makokis, Sarah Friesen

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