$7.3 million Will Support the Expansion of Youth Mental Health Hubs in Alberta

Improving the mental wellness of Alberta’s youth – Up to $7.3 million will support the expansion of youth mental health hubs, which provide young Albertans with a one-stop shop for services that improve their mental health and overall wellness. (Watch Video News Release Here)

Youth mental health hubs make it easier for youth outside of larger urban centres to seek help and support closer to home. A range of services will be available to youth, including mental health and addiction services, primary health care, social services, housing and school-based supports. Partners include community-based organizations, Alberta Health Services, Primary Care Networks and other community partners, depending on the region.

This funding will expand services across the province, including in Medicine Hat. The focus of next steps for youth mental health hubs will be more collaboration with other health and community services, youth and family engagement, reducing barriers to accessing needed services and making sure youth get the right resources at the right time.

Provincial funding will also support the development of a central governance structure to help ensure consistency and alignment of the youth mental health hubs while supporting connections with other provincial services. Virtual supports are also being explored to further expand the reach of youth mental health hubs. Learn More Here

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